Our high reliability modules have been built into Japanese satellites and launch vehicles for years. To achieve high reliability that can withstand a harsh space environment, our module meets strict technical standards in every process of circuit design, component selection, manufacturing and evaluation.

Guidance Control Computer (GCC)

GCC is the on-board system that calculates navigation, guidance and control commands for the independent control of the launch vehicle. NF’s high reliabity modules are included in the GCC and convert data from the sensors mounted in the vehicles into the signals to control the vehicles. All existing launch vehicles which are domestically developed in Japan is equipped with NF’s reliability modules.


  • Multi-channel Differential Amplifiers
  • Analog filters for signal processing, Low-pass filters(Butterworth, Bessel and Square-root Nyquist), Band-pass filters
  • Multiplexers to select signals
  • Current sources to drive the sensors

Block diagram

Multi-channel signal conditioner consists of multi-channel differential amplifiers, LPFs, the multiplexer and the output amplifier in a package.

Satellites’ on-board equipments (Hayabusa / Hayabusa2)

Hayabusa on-board equipment

Power Control Circuit Mounted on “Minerva”, the Land Rover

Hayabusa2 on-board equipment

High Voltage Control Circuit