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Multifunction Generator (WF1983/WF1984)


High Speed Bipolar Amplifier HSA series (HSA42051)

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Low Noise Preamplifier

World’s top level preamplifier with extremely low noise. SA series are preamplifiers for submicro-signal detection, which have been developed to assure noise reduction never accomplished before.

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Measurement Instruments

From R&D to production lines, in a variety of fields, NF’s high-performance electronic measurement instruments deliver advanced solutions.

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Power Supply

Power supply and power control devices create the optimum environment for the testing and evaluation of today’s advanced electronic devices and components.

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Function Module

NF manufactures high-function circuit, hybrid IC, and various types of electronic equipment combining advanced technology with reliable mounting technology. NF offers a consistent production system from design to production to meet our customers’ demand.

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