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NF Corporation America, Inc. serves as NF Corporation’s contact office to handle sales activity and equipment repair/calibration for the North American market.
We manufacture electrical measurement instruments, power supply equipment, and function modules, all of which play a vital role in the development of science, technology, and industry.
The world evolves with ever-increasing speed and new products are continuously developed one after another. The invention of these latest products require innovative measurement and control technology which, for many years, NF has been supplying to the world.
The world is evolving while accelerating, and new product inventions are developed one after another. And new measurement and control technology are the necessary for the development of new invention.
Going forward, NF will remain committed to providing value that satisfies our customers, and to study measurement and control technology so that we can support the creation and evolution of future technology.

Tsuneo Takahashi, Chairman of the Board

Corporate Data:
NF corporation

Corporate Profile

In 1959, NF Corporation was founded with the noble mission of providing the world with unique products using its high-precision negative feedback control technology, a technique not quite widespread in Japan at that time. The proprietary technology of NF is used in a wide array of applications from automobiles, digital appliances, and other high-tech electronic devices to solar power and other renewable energy technologies, as well as nanotechnology and even satellite, rocket, and other aerospace technologies.

Corporate Data

  • Head Office

    Yokohama, Japan

  • Establishment

    April 1959

  • Chairman

    Tsuneo Takahashi

  • Business Description

    Development, manufacture and sales of measurement instruments, power supplies, function modules, and customized products

  • Production Sites

    Yokohama and Yamaguchi (2 sites)

  • Domestic Sales Office

    Sendai, Tokyo, Yokohama, Shizuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka

  • Overseas Office

    Ohio, USA & Shanghai, China

NF Corporation America, Inc.

Sales and repair/calibration in North America
1170 Old Henderson Road, Ste 206, Columbus, Ohio 43220

Organization of NF Corporation America, Inc.


Measurement & Control

Measurement Sector: NF’s precision analog signal processing technology is used in a variety of products for a wide array of applications, for conditioning everything from small, nanovolt-level signals to massive signals of thousands of volts.
Power Supply Sector: NF’s high-quality, high-precision AC power supplies and power amplifiers contribute to the development of the electronics industry.
Electronic Device Sector: NF’s high-performance electronic components combine circuit technology and mounting technology, and are mounted in rockets and “Hayabusa”.
Application System Sector: NF’s systems are created with the technology and know-how of “electronic measurement control”, “power supply systems” and “electronic devices”, and these are combined to realize the functions and performance necessary for the most advanced technology development and to meet our clients’ needs.

NF Group Companies

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NF GROUP Bloc Management Center

Headquarters of the Group Companies Operation

  • NF Group
  • Development Engineering Sales Field
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As a holding company that manages the NF Group, we oversee the strengthening of group businesses and the creation of new businesses, working to create businesses for the future.

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Development Engineering Sales Field Service

Developing high-quality products based on proprietary technology and extensive expertise.

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Development Engineering Sales Field Service

Based on unique power conversion and control technology, we are providing DC power supply equipment for surface treatment appliances and also general purposes. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in custom-made products & system integration.

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Development Engineering Sales Field Service

We provide various test systems that integrate hardware and software for automobile and energy-related fields.

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Using proprietary production technology and accurate quality control to efficiently manufacture standard and customized products.

NF Device Technology Co., Ltd. Read More

Using state-of-the-art mounting techniques and clean-room environments to produce high reliability, high-precision function modules.

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Field Service

Providing calibration, maintenance, and repair services performed by experienced technicians found only at a manufacturer to assure long years of trouble-free use.

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Development Sales Field Service

We are engaged in overseas sales of NF products and import-export operations. We are also engaged in system integration proposals and solutions that incorporate technology and excellent products at home and abroad.

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Sales Field Service

We offers dedicated sales and support to all of its customers in the United States.

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Sales Field Service

We provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to enable our customers in China to use our products with confidence.